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Want A Unique Experience? All Realtors Are NOT Created Equal; See How We Do It Better.

As residents of Tucson for over 20 years, Johnathan and Lisa Labbe know and love this area and want to share their sentiments with everyone who has ever wanted to know more about desert living. This city is a perfect place to raise a family, retire, explore, and enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities. Dive deep into the culture, see the most amazing sunsets, or partake in unique dining experiences. There is no lack of things to do. The best part is that it's all affordable!

As Veterans they understand first hand what it means to experience frequent moves, having to spend time away from family and friends, and the need to have beauty, functionality and tranquility when you are stateside.

Lisa was an ICU nurse for 20 years, including 4 years active duty in the Air Force, and understands the needs of those on a fixed income who may want to downsize and live a more simple life. A large property can keep you very busy and be expensive once the kids are grown and gone. A nice condo or townhouse with groundskeepers may sound like a good place for you!

Johnathan has over 20 years in the Air Force and still works on Davis Monthan AFB and as a reservist. He knows what it is to deploy (boy, does he!) and the need to have a relaxed environment when you come home.

They know the market. You will receive expert guidance at every stage of your home buying or selling process and a custom built plan for getting you exactly what you need. Their goal is to minimize stress and make the process as streamlined and easy as possible. They pride themselves on having a high level of integrity and being available whenever you need them. That means you won't wait 3 days or even 3 hours for a return phone call; that is if they don't answer right away the first time!

Give us a try. You won't be disappointed!

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For Veterans

  • Did you know it's easy to be approved for a mortgage?
  • Did you know a Realtor is free for all home buyers?
  • Did you know there are programs that help you with your closing costs?
  • Did you know there is a crowd sourcing program to allow family and friends help you save for your down payment?
  • Did you know that it is allowable to have TWO VA loans at one time?
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For Home Sellers

  • Get your home marketed RIGHT. Once you list with us your home will appear on over 400 websites, internationally.
  • Enjoy the knowledge and professionalism you will receive every step of the process.
  • We only bring offers from buyers who are already pre-approved for a mortgage from a reputable lender.
  • Staging, open houses, and other aggressive selling techniques will get your home sold FAST!
  • Ask about our discount if you also plan to buy after selling your home!
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For Home Buyers

  • First time? No problem! You will be educated and informed throughout the entire process.
  • It's not as scary as it sounds but we understand this is possibly the biggest purchase of your life.
  • Did you know that our Lenders offer free credit help?
  • Are you afraid that if something breaks you will have to come out of pocket to pay for repairs? Most Homeowners Insurance and Home Warranties have you covered, even the dishwasher!
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